Press Release: ISIS Terrorist is attacking Turkmen Town Taza Hurmatu in Iraq using Chemical Weapons

For Immediate Press Release and Your Kind & Urgent Attention. 

Chemical Attack to Taza Turkmen Town
Chemical Attack to Taza Turkmen Town

Save Innocent Turkmen People from ISIS Terrorist’s Chemical Attack in IRAQ!

It’s almost 4 days, innocent Turkmen people in Taza Hurmato town (20 Km south of Kirkuk city in Northern Iraq) are under ISIS terrorist attack using chemical weapons.


More than 600 civilians (women, children, men) affected by Mustard gas exposure in assault on Taza Hurmatu town near Kirkuk city majority are peaceful Turkmen people, one child 3 years old has died and 5 in very critical situation.


Nowadays, our Turkmen families and relatives back home are suffering a lot from continuous ISIS attack which started since 2014 from Telafar Turkmen Town in northern Iraq which caused hundreds of death and thousands of displaced Turkmen people, and they reached Kirkuk city.


We all know what’s happening is unfair and injustice based on international laws and human rights, but we have to say it’s Iraqi governments and Kurdish authorities/parties mistakes that they are unable to protect the innocent and peaceful Turkmen people, and the tragic result is ethnic cleansing and mass killing of our Turkmen exists, culture, ethnicity, geography, and new generations which they are now under huge dangerous cleansing and humiliation.


We need your help, everyone help, also we need Canadian government’s help to support innocent unarmed Turkmen people in Iraq, we would like to get our voice heard by peace lover communities, free media, good politicians, and whoever can make positive decision to help innocent civilian.


Thank you for your understanding and support,


Canadian Iraqi-Turkmen Culture Association (CITCAL)

Osam Ali-Ozkan

Cell    : 1(519) 494-2133


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