Meeting with M.P Peter Fragiskatos regarding the Illegal Kurdish Referendum in Iraq and Kirkuk

Under the Theme” Save the Unity of Iraq, Save Kirkuk Turkmen city from another Massacre”
Today, we’ve met with Member of Federal Parliament of Canada Mr. Peter Fragiskatos as he is also a member of human rights and international affair committee. I passed him the official statement from our Turkmen Association that clarify the illegal action of Kurdish authority in Kirkuk and the illegal referendum which is taking place on September 25th.
Also we discussed all the oppressed and unfair actions against Turkmen people in Kirkuk and other Turkmen areas since 2003 till now and the critical situation of our people as well as the expectation of another massacre or civil war in Kirkuk/Tuz Khurmau by Kurdish parties including PKK terrorist group.
Thanks for M.P Peter for his active listening and understanding.
Best Reagrds,
Canadian Iraqi Turkmen Culture Association

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