Immediate Media Release: Condolences and Condemnation Message from CITCAL

Nowadays, It’s so sad to hear what is going in Turkmen territories, especially in Tuzhurmatu/ Telafar/ Kirkuk cities in Iraq and Bayirbojak/ Aleppo/ Lazikiya cities in Syria the stronghold castles for peaceful, civilized, and innocents Turkmen people.

Unfortunately, with no any reaction, condemnation, and even media coverage to what happen in front of all International society, that Turkmens being attacked, killed, displaced and insulted by:

  • Russian aggressive jets which are indiscriminately bombing our people in Syria using the fight with ISIS terrorists as a false excuse, but in fact for eliminating all the legitimate opposition groups in Syria to save the losing criminal Assad regime. So far, in one week more than hundreds of kids and women have been killed, displaced and still this tragedy continuing.
  • By ISIS terrorists groups in parallel with some Kurdish racists groups affiliated with the P.K.K terrorists forces. They attacked our innocent and peaceful Turkmen people and their properties and lands in North of Iraq Tuzhurmatu/ Telafar/Amirli/Rashidiya and other tens of villages and towns, hundred thousand have been displaced, thousand have been killed and injured and still this tragedy is underway.

We are extending our deepest condolences and grieve for those who martyred, kidnapped, properties being destroyed, and for their families and for our patient Turkmen people.

We all know what’s happening is unfair and injustice based on international laws and human rights, but we have to say it’s Syrian & Iraqi governments and Kurdish authorities/parties mistakes that they are unable to protect the innocent and peaceful Turkmen people, and the tragic result is ethnic cleansing and mass killing to our Turkmen exists, culture, ethnicity, geography, and new generations which they are now under huge dangerous cleansing and humiliation.

Also, we are extending our appeal to our Canadian government and all peace lovers to not keep silent and take serious actions as they did with Iraqi Yezidies, Kurds, and Christians crisis, we trust our new Canadian government that they will help all innocent and oppressed people in Iraq and Syria in equal way as Turkish government thankfully doing.

CITCAL commends the Turkmen people for their brave resistance against aggressors and Turkey for hosting 2.5 millions of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Meanwhile, we pray for GOD (Allah) to shower his mercy to our oppressed Turkmen people in Tuzhurmatu/Iraq, Bayirbojak/Syria and other area and accept those who being martyred in his heaven and give patience to their families and beloved one.

Thank you for your understanding and support,

Genocide Of Syrian Turkmen -Russian Air Strikes
Genocide Of Syrian Turkmen -Russian Air Strikes

Canadian Iraqi-Turkmen Culture Association (CITCAL)

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