Canadian Iraqi Turkmen Culture Association held the 7th Annual Friendship Ramadan Dinner

الجمعية الثقافية لتركمان العراق في كندا تقيم مأدبة الافطار السنوي السابع للصداقة بين الجاليات

Canadian Iraqi Turkmen Culture Association has organized and held the 7th Annual Friendship Ramadan Iftar Dinner in London, Ontario, many valued scholars, politicians, guests, and community members have attended this important event including:
– Iraqi Ambassador in Canada
– Turkish General Consul19399790_352164658536014_71307825922384164_n
– M.P Peter Frisgatos, on behalf of Federal Government
– M.P Kate Young
– M.P.P Teresa Armstrong
– City Councillors: Harold Usher & Bill Armstrong

– Turkish Religious Affair in Canada

– Imam of London Muslim Mosque
– Al-MAhdi Islamic Centre
– Muslim Association of Canada MAC
– South West Islamic Centre
– Representatives from other Nonprofit organaizations

This is our annual tradition to showcase our people (Iraqi-Turkmens/Turks) heritages and culture as well as how their struggles in back home.



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