The full integration of Turkic and Iraqi community members into Canadian Society through their active participation and contribution within cultural, economic, educational, and social forums.


To strengthen Canadian Society through direct programs, services, and partnerships that empower the Turkic and Iraqi Canadian communities to accomplish their social, educational, economic, and cultural goals.


Diversity and Inclusivity | Collaboration to Achieve Shared Goals | Respect towards Different Perspectives | Integrity & Ethical Approach | Passionate to Support Our Community

How does CITCAL support its community?

The CITCAL is at an exciting and expansive stage of development. Having served as a voice within the Iraqi-Turkmen community in London over the past 14 years, CITCAL is excited to be exploring new avenues and possibilities in the way that we provide support. It is our desire to be an organization that serves our community well while providing exceptional support to Turkic and Iraqi people as they integrate into life in Canada.
CITCAL supports a diverse client base and provides counselling and advocacy that link people to multiple services within the community. CITCAL holds community events related to culture, tradition, language, music, and sport and works with individuals to meet their needs and help them overcome barriers related to the challenges associated with learning a new culture and language while understanding Canadian life.

Our Strenghts

Solid Connection to the Community

CITCAL engages the community through numerous events, programs, and activities related to culture, tradition, language, music, sport, and lifestyle. These opportunities have allowed CITCAL to create and build significant relationships with individuals, families, and groups throughout the Iraqi-Turkmen community.

Involvement Within the Community

Over the years, CITCAL has continued to develop connections and partnerships with local service providers. This involvement, with and in the community, expands the organizations’ reach and its ability to serve and impact a larger base of people.

Diversity of Board Skills

The Board leadership is made up of a group of individuals that come from a cross-section of industries and bring a strong background of education and experience within the community. The diversity and skills that are represented around the table bring great strength as each one brings a unique perspective to the decisions that need to be made.

Language Training Courses

For any individual looking to assimilate into life in a new country and new community, learning the local language is vital. CITCAL has developed programs that assist in teaching both English and French to those looking to enhance their communication skills.

Quality of Volunteers

CITCAL has a strong volunteer network that contributes significantly to the organizations’ ability to meet the needs of the community. They assist in running programs and events, provide leadership, and look after big and small details related to the day-to-day operations of the organization. Their passion for meeting the needs of the community is infectious and invaluable.

Passion to Help Individuals and Families within the Community

CITCAL was founded out of a passion to see Turkmen/Turks and people from Iraqi backgrounds assimilate smoothly into Canadian culture and communities within London. Actions speak loudly, and the community has recognized, through the work of CITCAL, that the organization is serious in its desire to make a difference.

Ability to Reach Several Cultural Backgrounds

CITCAL wants to continue to be an organization that is respectful and welcoming of people from all cultures and backgrounds. CITCAL offers a comfortable environment for clients where they are treated with respect, where each voice is heard, and where all are welcome regardless of their beliefs, orientation, or life choices.

Centralized and Accessible Office Location

Having a local presence in an area that is accessible by all modes of transportation allows CITCAL to serve its community more effectively. The Horton Street address is near the heart of downtown London and provides a welcoming space for those looking for support.

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